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It's a violation of copyright laws  to remove any photos from this website.

All IMAGES contained within these event albums and galleries are the property of Dale & Karen Photography,LLC. Photos stamped with copyright on them that are taken from this website and end up somewhere else ARE STOLEN. We provide these proofs after the event for customers to enjoy them and possibly purchase them. They ARE TO REMAIN ON THIS WEBSITE. Taking a photo from here is no different than taking something from a store or stealing from someone. We travel thousands of miles a year to be there to take your photo. Please have enough respect for what we do to not steal from us. 

Taking a screen shot of our photos is          STEALING.
Dale & Karen Photography could not make it out to the Fontana City Downhill Nationals on March 22, 2015 do to illness.

We would like to offer a 2 for 1 special on all downhill High Res downloads.

Buy one High Res download ($8.99) from the our websitehttp://1dkpix.com then email us at 2dh@sbcglobal.net with your other High Res download choice (this one is free). It has to be the same rider but it can be from a different event or the same event.

In the email please use the same email you used to purchase from the website.

Put what event it's in and the class and photo number. The photo number is in the lower left hand conner below the photo. 
Once we see that you placed an order and the payment has gone through we email your free High Res download from this email 2dh@sbcglobal.net

The purchased one will come from the website and the free one will come from 2dh@sbcglobal.net

This is good for more then just 1 free download. For each High Res download you purchase you get you get one free. 

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Dale & Karen Photography, LLC

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The 2015 Cold Hands Paddle
Lanakila Classic 2015
Hal Rosoff Classic 2015
Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge Jan 24,
Oceanside Becky Stuart Invitational
SDOCC La Jolla Shores Invitational Nov
Urban Surf 4 Kids PaddleFest 2014
Southridge KMC Chain Rd 4 Winter Serie
Southridge KMC Chain Winter Series - r
Southridge 23rd Annual Challenge 11-23-14
California Golden State Series 4-27-14
Fontana City National #3 March-23-14
Fontana Round #4 KMC Chain Winter Ser
Fontana Round #3 KMC Chain Winter Ser
Fontana Round #2 KMC Chain Winter Ser
Fontana Nov 24, 2013
Cal State RD #2 Fontana April 27 & 28
6th Annual Unleashed by Petco Surf Ci
The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon
HWAC Surf Dog Lessons Aug 23, 2014
HWAC Surf Dog Lessons Sat, August 9,2014
HWAC Surf Dog Lessons Aug 17, 2014
HWAC Surf Dog Lessons 7-26-14
2014 Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Comp
Vista Car Show Aug 3, 2014
Youth Hockey Aug 2, 2014
Ice-Piex Mite 3 vs UTC Mite 1, Jan 18
Ice-Piex Squirt vs UTC SQ-2 Jan 18,14
Mite 2 vs Mite 4,Jan 18,14
Karen's Mom & Dad,Top of Mammoth,Devils Postpile,R
Palomar Mountain June 22, 2014
Palomar Mountain 6-1-14
Pacific Coast Junior Bull Riders June 21
Modjeska Mavericks May 10, 2014
Kids Baseball
Jordan B-Day Nov 22, 2014
Pacific Coast Junior Bull Riders
SUP June 8, 2014
Strawberry Festival May 25, 2014
National Day of the American Cowboy, July 28, 2012
Modjeska Mavericks 6-8-13
V-Spurs Show Sunday, March 16
V-Spurs Show,10-26,2013
'Vallecitos Spurs'
NORCO RANGLERS June 23,Fundraiser II
Round 3, Pala Mini Bike Motocross Win
Pala Mini Bike Motocross Winter Serie
2014 Pala MLK Day Monday Vet Track
Ironman Oceanside, 3-30-13
Pala Lazy Sunday Spring Series 5-26-13
Novice & Kids Only, May 11 Crystal Pier San Diego,
Iron Outrigger Championships
4-27-13, Pala Mini Bike Motocross Spr
NORCO RANGLERS, Oct 19, 2013
WORCS RND 6, Saturday & Sunday July 13 & 14 20
8-4-13 Pala Lazy Sunday Summer Series
Pala Independence Cup Major Sunday 7,2
2013 Back to school series on Sunday O
June 2, 2013 Pala Lazy Sunday Spring
Pala 3-17-13 Spring Fling Main Track Race#1 o
Palomar Mountain 3-16, 2013
4-6-13, Pala Mini Bike Motocross Spri
My Work
WORCS RND 6 JULY 12, 2013
The Day
Pala March 10, Spring Grand Prix on the Pala Ama
Pala Winter Warm Up Series,March 9 on
Fontana DH Feb24, Series #4
FEB 17, 2013 Pala Heart Breaker Grand
Winter Series #3 Fontana Feb 10,
Jan 20, 2013 Pala Winter Grand Prix on the P
Dec 8, Pala Mini Bike Motocross
AMA DISTRICT 38 Pala Raceway Dec 1,2012
Pala Back to School Fall Series on the Amateur Tra
NOV 17, 2012 Pala Mini Bike Motocross Fall Se
Surfing, N.side,Oceanside Pier,Oct 25,2012
Norco Ranglers Halloween Show 10-20-12
Men at work sunset Oceanside 10-5-12
Norco Ranglers July 21, 2012
Bel Air Team against Team U.S.A. June 14, 2012
Modjeska Mavericks BARRELS SHOW July 14, 2012
Bel Air VS Menlo June 14, 2012
MDRYC SUP and Sailing July 13, 2012
Del Rey Yacht Club Sundowner Series June 15 2012
Prince O' Whales- June 9, 2012
Norco Ranglers June 3, 2012
Norco Ranglers June 2, 2012
North Venice Little League May 15, 2012
North Venice Little League MAY 8, 2012
North Venice Little League, MAY 7, 2012
North Venice Little League MAY 6, 2012
North Venice Little League MAY 5, 2012
Tattle Tail 5-2-12
KHYC Twilight Series #5 May 3, 2012
CYC Sunset Series #4 5-2-12
SUP, MDR 4-29-12
RCMM Show 4-21-12
KHYC TwilightSeries 3 April 19, 2012
Sunset Series 2 CYC April 18, 2012
Modjeska Mavericks Sat 14, April 2012 Quad
Norco Ranglers, Gymkhana, April 1, 2012
Fontana City Nationals
Boys Baseball
Girls Baseball
Modjeska Mavericks BARRELS SHOW March 10, 2012
Downhill Fontana, 3-4-2012
Downhill practice Sat, 3-3-2012
Super D Feb 3, 2012
C X Fontana 3, 2012
Norco Ranglers Gymkhana, Feb 25, 2012
Modjeska Mavericks Feb 11
Feb 5, 2012 DOWNHILL, Fontana
FEB 4, 2012 Super D, Fontana
Feb 4, 2012 4X Fontana
Feb 4, 2012 XC Fontana
Fontana Downhill Jan 22, 2012
Fontana Cross Country Jan 21. 2012
Super D Jan 21, 2012 Fontana
Modjeska Mavericks BARRELS SHOW Jan 14, 2012
DOWNHILL, Fontana Jan 8, 2012
4-Cross Fontana Jan 7, 2012
SUPER - D Jan 7, 2012
Modjeska Mavericks
Super D Fontana, Nov 19 2011
Polo LAEC, Sunday Nov 6, 2011
Polo LAEC, Sat Nov. 5 2011
Super D Oct 29 2011
Downhill 1st race run, fontana Oct 30, 2011
Downhill 2st race run, Fontana Oct 30,2011
Fontana,4X Race Oct 29 2011
International Jumping Festival 9-24-2011